Picatinny Rifle Scope

$30.95 $55.95

This Picatinny Rifle Scope simply locks on to the top of the telescopic rifle scope
advanced laser optics give a superb laser. Has adjustable windage and elevation
suitable for 1 inch tube diameter rifle scope.

It has obtained a new level of short / long range laser targeting ability. Provides clear pointing dot even in day light and clear laser beam in the dark or low light
with "8" figured mount for laser 1 inch (25.4mm) and scope 1inch (25.4mm)
additional mount provided which can hold the laser and fit on any 20mm (or width 11mm, need buyer notice select ) width weaver rail base remote coiled pressure switch :press pressure pad to on and release to off cap switch: twisting the cap tight for continuous on and loose for off.

Body Length: 130mm (5.12 inch)
Laser tube diameter :25.4mm (1 inch)
Superior optical glass
<1mw Green or red laser emitter
532nm wavelength
Range: 300~500m
Powered by 1*CR123A battery
Dimensions: 5.12 in x 1.54 in x 1.54 in (13.0 cm x 3.9 cm x 3.9 cm)
Weight:280 g

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery