Portable Folding Washbasin

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This Portable Folding Washbasin is ultra-light, only weighs about 50g. It adopts quick-drying and tear-resistant fabric with sturdy handles. It is large and sturdy enough to hold 8.5L water. Can also be resistant to 90° hot water.
Extremely easily and fast set up and fold down. Can be put in a small and ultra-light bag, easy for carrying and storage. Good for camping, picnic, fishing and other outdoor activities. Extremely easily fast set up and fold down, quick-drying and tear-resistant. Never have to deal with heavy duty and space-occupied bucket again while traveling

Ideal for Camping, Hiking, Travel, Picnic, Fishing and other outdoor activities.
Can be used for collecting water, sand, small fish and soft drink cans and ice etc.
Package Includes:
1 - Portable Folding Washbasin
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery