Tactical Pen Tool

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A pen is a critical survival tool for so many reasons. Whether you need to write notes for yourself or others, mark your path, or make important calculations, you need an instrument that won’t fail -- regardless of whether it’s cold, wet, dry, or muddy.

Above all, in a survival situation, you need versatility. That’s why this pen comes with a hardened Carbide tip that can safely smash through glass like butter, to aid in your escape if the unthinkable happens, leaving you trapped and in danger.

From the moment you take it out of the box, you’ll know. This is a heavy, wide-diameter pen made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The last thing you need to worry about is a cheap plastic pen failing when you need it in a critical situation. Instead, invest in tactical quality gear that can withstand disaster intact.

There’s another reason this pen has some heft to it: it doubles as a tactical glass breaker, allowing you to escape from behind glass without needing to kick or punch your way out (which can result in further serious injury). Instead, grab this tactical pen and swing at the glass pane; the glass will instantly shatter.




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 1 - Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool


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