Roasting Sticks Set of 8

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This Roasting Sticks Set of 8 helps protect your tender hands from scalding injury: Telescoping fork set is with wooden handle, which is extremely difficult for heat conduction. With it you can enjoy the BBQ on Sunday, keeps the scald far away.

This helps you enjoy the best of times with our premium, telescopic roasting sticks.

Set of 8 non-rust stainless steel sticks with double prongs guaranteed to provide long-lasting fun. The BPA free wooden handles are easy for any child to hold safely.

SAFETY FIRST: 32 inch extendable forks ensure that children will remain a safe distance from the flames. While our roasting forks are dual pronged, they don't have sharpened ends.

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Package Includes:

1 - Roasting Sticks Set of 8



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