Reflective Rain Cover Backpack 20L 35L 40L 50L 60L

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This Tactical Backbags Cover protects your bag from the rain or any outdoor elements.  Equipped with upgraded buckle strap: keep backpack cover in position, no more sliding off. FOR BACKPACK (30-80L), Please select size and color to see the dimension range or watch the 6th picture left.

It is made of high quality Nylon features wear-resisting and durable. DOUBLE CONSTRUCTION: External fabric is rip-resistant that protecting backpack from scratch, dirt, sand and internal is waterproof coating that keep it from water, rain, fog and snow. Each backpack cover comes with a velvet pouch that easily to storage and not take much place.

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Aliexpress choice : 20L         True capacity : (15-25L)   Weight:  33g
Aliexpress choice :  30-40L   True capacity : (30-40L)   Weight:  45g
Aliexpress choice :  Other     True capacity : (45-50L)   Weight:  49g
Aliexpress choice :  50-70L   True capacity : (55-65L)   Weight:  58g
Package Includes:
1- Reflective Rain Cover Backpack
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery