Camping Table Hanging Mesh Organizer

$30.95 $33.95

1 This storage bag is made of fine cloth and hexagonal mesh. It is a strong and durable bag.
2 This storage mesh bag has good ventilation, can solve the problem of no storage space for the table in the outdoor.
3 This bag can be used in camping activities to send related items to the collection pouch, can be directly taken out to use, convenient and fast.
4 The four sides of the mesh bag have 6.5 cm protection frame, you can hang some cups and get them conveniently.
5 The inside of the bag can be put some outdoor kitchen utensils, cups, bowls and chopsticks, to add a lot of help to outdoor activities.
6 This bag can also be used as a drying pouch, after the dishes are cleaned, can be placed on the net for drying.
7 The four buckles of this bag are very strong, can be firmly hung on the folding table of the rack, will not fall easily, can be used safely.
8 The bag has 2 specifications and can be choosen according to the size of the folding table.