Monocular Nikula 10-30x25 Zoom

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See the world around you like never before with 10x -30 times magnification and impressive dual focus technology. Forget about heavy, way-too-expensive binoculars -- instead, grab this sleek, water-resistant monocular that fits easily inside a pocket or backpack compartment for quick viewing. Whether you’re trying to catch a glimpse of wildlife, scouting the trail in the distance, or just trying to get a better view of a concert or sports event -- this is a rugged piece of gear that’s sure to come in handy often.

Superior Brightness, Clarity, and Focus

For such a compact monocular, this bad boy offers a jaw-dropping level of optical clarity. You’ll be amazed at the generous view angle and field of vision available right out of the box! Best of all, the monocular body has been reinforced to prevent dust, dirt, and particles from distorting the lens.

Great For Hunting, Hiking, Sightseeing, and More!

How often are you outside and wish you could have just stolen a closer glance at that beautiful animal, incredible tree, or fascinating new trail? With the Dual Focus Monocular, you’re gaining an outdoor tool that opens new possibilities each and every time you bring it on an adventure.

Model: 10-30x25
Magnification: 10x -30 times
Eyepiece diameter: 13mm
Objective Diameter: 25mm
Prism Category: bak4
Coating: multilayer broadband green film
Size: 127mm × 32mmX32mm
FOV: 10 times: 3.5 ° ~ 30 times: 2.0 °
Focus Mode: stretch or rotate the focus (two ways)
Package Includes:
1 - Monocular Nikula 10-30x25 Zoom
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