1000 Lumen Red light Induction Headlamp

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About LED Headlamp:

★Material: ABS Plastic

★Battery: Built-in battery

★Adjustable degrees: 60 degrees

★Product Colour : Black

★Two switch: Press Switch and Sensory Switch

★6 Modes for Press Switch:XPG High Light -XPG Weak Light-COB White High Light-COB White Weak Light-COB Red Light Glare-COB Red LightFlash

1 modes for Sensory Switch: On/Off

★The Finger Induction Headlight, When your hand is near to the headlight within 25cm, the headlight will turn on, when you finger left the headlight , it will be turn off.   

★The Headlight contain the battery. You Can use the USB charge cable charging for the headlight.

★It has two switch, Press Switch and Inductive Switch.

--Modes for Press Switch: XPG High Light -XPG Weak Light-COB White High Light -COB White Weak Light-COB Red Light Glare-COB Red LightFlash

--modes for Inductive Switch: On/Off

★High-capacity rechargeable battery offers a long lasting powering for safer outdoor sports. The headlamp is mainly used for fishing, hunting, night running, hiking and camping.  




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