Visanite™ Digital Night Vision Monocular

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Our Visanite™ Digital Night Vision Monocular is the perfect night vision device for all your outdoor activities.  It features an advanced digital processing system, is equipped with a low illumination image sensor, and has a high-power 940 band infrared auxiliary light.  It takes both still and video pictures and has a 1 x 5 digital zoom lens.  It can be used both day and night and has a night range of approximately 650 ft.  The Visanite™ Digital Night Vision Monocular also is compact in size (8" x 3" x 2") and fits easily in your hand with the convenient hand strap. 

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Visanite™ Digital Night Vision Monocular features 1x5 digital zoom, photo and video recording through an 8 gig sd card (not included).  The infrared light can be turned off during the day so the Visanite™ can be used day or night.

Visanite™ Digital Night Vision Monocular also features a convenient USB 2.0 port that allow you to hook it up to a computer or smart phone in real time.


Digital Night Vision Monocular Features:

  1. HIGH NIGHT VISION CAMERA--The CMOS sensor offers clear view up to 5X magnification, premium glass lens with multiple coatings provides high quality images even in dark night with low light.
  2. ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE--The eyepiece hood is made of environmental material, soft and pliable, it fits people wear or don't wear glasses, and the adjustment ring can adjust the distance of exit pupil for comfortable use. Objective Adjustment Range: -0.6~+0.6 diopter.
  3. INFRARED HUNTING CAMERA--Infrared illuminator allows up to 650 ft viewing distance in the dark, with auxiliary lighting for clearer photo shooting and video recording.
  4. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL IR DIGITAL TELESCOPE--It is easy to operate and the recording and other functions are easy to navigate. Camouflage surface is suitable for hunting, bird watching, shooting;scouting;security and surveillance;camping;exploring;nighttime navigation;night fishing;wildlife observation;hiking,travelling;scenery, etc.


Maginification 5X
Color Black
Working voltage 3.7V DC
Replaceable battery Rechargeable lithium battery
Size 20 x 8 x 5cm
Objective lens diameter 42mm
Objective material FMC
Field of view 5° x 3.75°
Eyepiece adjustment range ±0.6 diopters
Low light observation distance 2m~∞
Memory card 8G
Total darkness observation distance ~200m  (650ft)
Weight Approx.760g

Package Includes:

  • 1x night vision monocular
  • 1x AV video cable
  • 1x USB cable&pouch
  • 1x external power adapter
  • 1x hand grip strap
  • 1x cleaning cloth
  • 1x 14500 750mAH battery
  • 2x operating instructions