Camping Cooking Set Portable Stove

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This Camping Cooking Set Portable Stove is a compact, lightweight investment in your ability to make even fancy dishes in the wilderness! The pot and pan’s non-stick surface makes the cooking (and cleaning) process a breeze. Meanwhile, the folding stove takes up just a tiny amount of space consider the major importance it has as part of your gear set. Do yourself (and your campmates) a favor, and upgrade to this durable, featherweight cooking set before your next trip.

- 7pcs set includes: 0.9L pot + 450ML bowl / lid + stand + base + windshield + spirit burners + dishcloth.
- Made of food-grade ultra-light hard-anodized aluminum, ultra light, anti-corrode and durable.
- Compact size, all the objects in this cooking set can be stored together into the mesh bag, saving space and convenient to carry.
- The 450ML bowl also can be served as a lid, keep your food clean in outdoors.
- Windshield with barrier and open type design, can adjust the thermal power as you can, and use it in severe environment rest assured.
- With silicone handle, it can prevent you from being scalded.
- Suitable for 1 - 2 persons to use, perfect for outdoor camping, hiking, picnic, etc.

Quality Cookware In The Wild 

When you’re cooking at home, food sticking to the pan is simply annoying. In the wild, it can be a serious problem, adding time to your cooking/cleanup process and inviting wildlife to come scavenge for your scraps. Stealth Angel’s Ultralight Pot/Pan/Stove set is made from premium materials that streamline the cooking experience and keep you focused on your adventure… not your dishes.

Incredible Stove Portability

We’re extra proud of the stove that comes with this set, as it folds into a tiny footprint that weighs barely anything. The ability to make fire -- and hold a pot -- is utterly critical in the outdoors. Here, you’re getting a magnificently powerful stove built with a lightweight backpacking philosophy. Forget about heavy camp stoves and propane tanks. Pack light. Pack right.



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1 - Camping Cooking Set Portable Stove


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