Insulated Bag

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This Condiment Bottles Spice Cruets Pouch has a built-in compartment that prevents spices from spices and effectively enhances the effect of the spices. Transparent plastic bottles, the spices directly exposed to your eyes, clear, easy to identify various condiments. Compatible with all your condiments (salt, pepper, dried vanilla and spices) and with a camp kitchen.

Easy to carry, 6 transparent plastic spice flavoring bottles for their excellent increase in any outdoor activity.

It is durable, portable, super light and compact. It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor activities. It's easy to take it to travel, camping, barbecue, picnic, etc. Anti channeling zipper design, can easily open or close. The seal is fresh to make your spice fresh and perfect. Make sure to provide delicious cooking and delicacy every time. Free choice of the spices you want to bring you a very convenient kitchen experience.


Package Includes:
1 - Condiment Bottles Spice Cruets Pouch

2 - Flat Bottles 
4 X-Vertical Bottles 


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