Survival Bracelets

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This Survival Bracelets can start a fire, locate where to go or signal your position are a few of the many things you can do with this bracelet!  If something unexpected happens in the wilderness,she can give you direction fire and better food, in order to survive in the toughest places.

COMPLETELY WATERPROOF. Use it whatever the conditions are! The plastic clip ensures you can put it and remove it with no problem even when it’s cold.

You can -produces a shower of hot sparks capable of igniting a wide range of tinder in any climate,Quick access flints secured firmly to metal base for improved grip function when you make a fire.

This Survival Bracelet you can take with you everywhere, and rely on in every circumstances. Great for outdoors and needs no particular care, just wash it with water. 






Package Includes:

1 - Survival Bracelet


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