Emergency Floating Signal Mirror

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This Emergency Floating Signal Mirror is easy to use, floats, and comes with a whistle for low-visibility signaling. This makes aiming foolproof with a red holographic dot in the center window—just lay the dot over your target, and signal away.

These are military approved and issued; it was designed for downed pilots and can be seen for miles. Their compact size and lanyard allow for amultitude of carrying options (i.e. pockets, packs, and around your neck.

  • When the weather is clear, the optical signal transmission distance can reach more than 100 km; Emergency Floating Signal Mirror is ideal for hikers, hunters, paddlers, pilots and anyone else that ventures outdoors
  • Mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid allows you to aim the mirror's reflection using only 1 hand
  • Lightweight yet unbreakable poly-carbonate mirror is virtually indestructible
  • Mirror has a hole in the corner so you can attach it to your pack for convenient access



Package Includes:

1 - Emergency Floating Signal Mirror


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