Outdoor USB Infrared Heating Vest Jacket

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This Outdoor USB Infrared Heating Vest Jacket contains heated components on the back and chest areas, capable of providing you with long-lasting warmth. It also uses lithium battery for faster heating in just a few seconds.

You can adjust the temperature settings with just a push of a button—green for low, blue for medium, and red for high temperature. A single long press will turn off the heat, too.

It is made of composite cloth and wool materials, our electric heated vest is comfortable, warm, and light to wear. Even the insulation mechanism is lightweight, so you can enjoy unrestricted movement wherever you go.

The vest comes with detailed instructions on how to wash it so you can use it for a long time. You simply have to remove the battery, put on the waterproof faculty on the interface, and wash it softly by hand.

This portable electric heated vest is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Use it for your daily commute, for working in the office, or while hiking and camping. It’s sturdy and durable enough to withstand heavy use.





Package Includes:

1 - Outdoor USB Infrared Heating Vest Jacket


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