Planetarium Projector

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Transform your home’s ceiling into a star-filled sky any day of the year using this home planetarium Star Projector and fall asleep under the stars!
Let your night date filled with romance, warmth, and fantasy, this LED projector can create dreamy starry sky, and romantic environment and full-immersion atmosphere in any dark occasions. Tired after work, turn off all the light and enjoy the fantastic private world and rest yourself at the peaceful night by yourself or with your wife/girlfriend to enjoy this fairy night date. Furthermore, it is a nice gift for kids to help develop their imagination and creates a brilliant particolored childhood for them.
It turns any plain room into a star-filled space that accurately dis
plays over 1000 galaxies and constellations ideal for creating an educational and/or romantic environment.
You can adjust the compass-point alignments to align the constellations with your latitude, and date! This way you can project the constellations accurately according to the season and your location no matter where you are in the world.
USB 投影数据线展示 - 副本
Bring it anywhere! Our Star Projector is completely cordless and is 100%
portable, allowing you to bring it anywhere you need to!
USB星空投影02 - 副本
22 CM x 18 CM x 18 CM
Package Includes:

1 - Planetarium Projector

1 - Base

1 - Instruction

1 - Film


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery